Tailored to you

Your very first session, I will ask you to fill out some forms, I will ask you questions and I will asses your posture. This is so I can get an understanding of YOU. A mum will require a different session to a builder. A footy player will require different treatment to someone dealing with a sluggish lymphatic system….you get it.

A client may come in and request the deepest, firmest, teeth clenching treatment to fix their back , but after assessment I may find they need a remedial massage with some PNF stretching. I will take the time to explain this, the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’, and I will communicate through-out the session to ensure you receive the full benefit from your session.

All too often, a client will come in and ask for a firm massage (“push as hard as you can”) thinking that it will solve all of their mysterious aches and pains that they have endured for years. While ONE massage can help a person feel better, it’s only a quick fix. In fact, undoing chronic knots and tension built up over an entire lifetime is best achieved with regular therapeutic massage sessions.

This doesn’t mean you need weekly massages for life. Sometimes that nasty shoulder problem can be remedied with just a few sessions, however monthly maintenance massages are encouraged to remain pain free and mobile.